correct SEO techniquesSEO is an important marketing tool that any business can use to promote their brand, products and services. However, there are many myths about SEO doing the rounds online. In fact, some people are convinced that these myths are the truth and base their marketing strategies around them. Read on to learn the truth about the following SEO myths.

Myth: Content is the Bread and Butter of SEO

Fact: Many search engine optimization experts have made the claim that content is everything as far as SEO is concerned. The truth, however, is that the relevance and context of the content matter most. For instance, the Terms and Conditions, Contact and About Us pages are all content, but they do not majorly affect SEO because they really don’t tell Google about your site. Since you are targeting customers and not Google, be sure to create content that is relevant, useful, informative and helpful to the target market and use great promotional strategies to improve the visibility of your site.

Myth: SEO can be Automated

Fact: Automation seems to be the answer for everything nowadays. When it comes to SEO, however, don’t believe the hype. SEO can’t be automated. There is no magic formula for SEO which can be applied to all sites. Instead of spending money on SEO software, invest in SEO toolkits and human resources.


Myth: I Don’t Need SEO, I’m Doing Business the Traditional Way

Fact: It is estimated that around 86% of U.S. citizens use the internet for one reason or another. Nearly 93% of these consumers start their internet use with queries on search engines. This means that you’re missing out on potential customers since 8 in every 10 people read online reviews to learn about the reputation, quality of products and services of a business before making a decision. Simply put, there are two possible outcomes for failing to market your business online: either you lose your customers to the competition or your business growth stagnates.

Myth: SEO is too Costly

SEO factsFact: The most successful business people are often frugal. However, they rarely hold back when paying for something that counts. When hiring an SEO professional, you’re paying an expert with years of experience in the industry to do research on your industry, sales and market trends, optimize your website, build links, conduct competitive research and monitor results. While you can also learn to do all these on your own, it will take you a significant amount of time and a lot of experimentation before you can do things properly. Therefore, paying an expert to get the job done right the first time is a more cost-effective option.

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