SEO arrowFor a website to attract significant traffic, it must be accessible to search engine crawlers. However, there is no guarantee that search engines like Google will rank a newly published site immediately. Here are four key factors that affect search engine ranking:


The type of content published by author/owner of a website can have a positive or negative impact on its search engine rank. A site that publishes breaking news will rank highly compared to sites that publish content not considered breaking news. A good example is a site that publishes news about tensions in the Middle East or the latest celebrity gossip.

Domain Dynamics

This involves every aspect associated with a site’s domain name. To start with, a domain name that has been around for several years is likely to rank high on SERPS compared to a newly registered domain name. A clean domain will also rank highly on search engine results pages. In simple words, a clean domain is one that has not been penalized by search engines for engaging in unsavory online marketing tactics like link farming.


SEO Optimized Content

On the content front, search engine optimization is another factor that can have a huge impact on a site’s ranking by search engines. For the best results, you should publish SEO optimized content. This means publishing unique, informative, and original content. Moreover, the content title should be SEO-optimized as well. If you can, include natural links in your site’s content. However, these links should be associated with quality sites, not link farms or sites that engage in black hat tactics to rank high on SERPS. Finally, it is advisable to publish content frequently if you want search engines to rank your site as quickly as possible. More specifically, you should publish content at least 2 to 3 times a week. If you do not do so, it may take a day or more for search engine crawlers to index your site.


SEO and marketingThe keywords you use in your content can make or break your site’s search engine rank. Instead of competing for popular keywords with sites that receive hundreds of millions of visitors, you should go for keywords not widely used by popular sites. This will help you build a loyal following making it easy to compete with others for popular keywords.


Search engines rank websites based on factors such as keywords used in content, domain dynamics, as well as the presence of SEO optimized content. If you do not know how to go about such a task, hire an SEO expert.

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