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Are you looking for a top-notch Bethlehem SEO company to help your company gain more exposure on the internet with good web search rankings? Someone that can help you obtain more phone calls and ultimately more sales? SEO results are not difficult to obtain if you know what you’re doing. However, search engine optimization results do take time to achieve. If you are serious about getting more call volume, leads and traffic through the front doors of your business, SEO is a fantastic method to achieve your goals.

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Personalized Approach
We are here to serve you and your business by providing solutions that are catered to your specific needs. We are not a cookie-cutter SEO agency that will treat you like a number. Instead, we deliver expert local SEO solutions in Bethlehem PA and we treat your internet marketing campaign like it is our own. You will not get a generic, “throw as much stuff on the wall to see what sticks” approach with us.

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While SEO is not rocket science, it is complicated with a lot of moving parts such as on-site SEO (URL structure, heading tags, alt tags, over-optimization thresholds), off-site SEO (link velocity, quality of links, good/bad linking neighborhoods), video SEO and more. Having an SEO partner that understands the constantly moving SEO landscape and a partner that is willing to provide tangible service that is personalized to your needs is crucial for a long term, successful SEO strategy.

Good SEOs vs Bad SEOs
Unfortunately, there are numerous companies that do not worry about the nuances of SEO like post-Penguin anchor text diversity, link diversity, link relevancy, tiered linking, video SEO, directory SEO, link neighborhoods, etc. There are companies that call themselves SEO consultants but they only write an occasional blog post and maybe sprinkle in a few blog comments. That level of service is not effective SEO. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the other search engines are constantly changing and your Bethlehem SEO partner should be able to recognize what is needed and be nimble enough to adjust accordingly.

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L4 Group, LLC offers the area's best, proven digital marketing services for contractors and businesses serving Bethlehem, PA. We handle everything from your company website design to paid advertising, social media, content marketing, and more! Get a free consultation today.

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