There was a time in Internet marketing, like in search engine optimization (SEO), when the aim of every marketing effort only leads to one thing – to get into the front page. Almost no attention was directed to what happens next after getting that target. With the evolution of social media marketing; link building and online marketing have become a common ground for most Internet marketing experts.

The said social media marketing evolution made it difficult to hit that front page position again. You can’t just push your website up to the top page of social communities. Several algorithm changes and the sheer nature of the social platforms have made it harder to reach that top level. Top marketing experts have learned to spend more time on the evaluating their services to determine the success value of a particular social media strategy.

Whether you want your marketing efforts to produce an increase on your RSS subscriptions, more inbound links, more traffic, or more page views, it is time to look for a real tactic to know what truly matters on Internet marketing campaigns, or how to be successful with social media marketing.

Success over the World Wide Web, social media, and SEO all point back to one common marketing ingredient: quality content marketing. It has been said over and over for various generations now that ‘CONTENT IS KING.’ Yes, this is an overused phrase but it is still very true.

Well-written material is what wins over people to come back to your site and agree to sign up for newsletters, RSS feeds or other valuable offers you provide. Great material on your website, whether that is an article, video, photos or other type of media, will entice other webmasters or bloggers to link to your website. This kind of natural linking from other websites to your posts is a great strategy to help your website get a better rank within search engines. One important note to make is that video and SEO video marketing services are very effective due to the high level of user engagement while watching video streams. We utilize our video marketing strategy for most of our customers and this type of video marketing has huge a ROI for them.

Below are some helpful tips that will assist in creating a great blog post and help you perform better in various Internet marketing campaigns. If you are not interested in creating your own material but would rather hire a SEO marketing services agency to handle the strategy & creation, it is still a good idea to understand what processes writers should be undertaking to create a good article.


Research contentEverything begins with proper research. To come up with great ideas can be very hard and sometimes intimidating, and research is the key to lessen that burden. You first need to identify what is the core concept for your piece. Focus on what products or services you want to highlight and/or advertise. Many times, you are not advertising any services or products but rather just providing good, relevant, helpful information and establishing yourself as an expert.

Next, you have to think about the related keywords that will connect to your subject matter.  Once you’ve identified the topics for your article and have come up with a good listing of keywords, search the sites like Bing, Google, and Yahoo using those phrases. You can add phrases like “top 10,” best,” “how to,” and many more phrases that provide relevant results. Also take note of the related searches for some ideas on good SEO marketing terms to incorporate into your piece.

A lot of ideas will pop into your mind when using this strategy so be sure to write down concepts so you can have ample ideas to choose from.

Use Visuals

Presentation with the use of visual graphics, images, and video can be highly effective in giving an article life. People are generally visual individuals and will enjoy reading your material more if it is visually appealing. This strategy is highly applicable online where readers have a short attention span because of their limited reading time and they tend to visit a number of sites at once. They are bombarded with other offers, services and advertisements so your website needs to be very compelling and engaging.

Visual representations will also help on breaking up contents for better comprehension of ideas. This will make your content more inviting and easy to understand. SEO video marketing will also help to boost the rankings of your blog post or website. Not sure how to implement a good video strategy? There are agencies, such as L4 Group, LLC that provide excellent SEO video marketing services.

Spoon-Feed Your Readers

Offer everything you can to your readers, write to your audience assuming a 6th or 7th grade reading level. Keep concepts easy to understand an clear. Of course, if you are writing a post that is more technical for example, “What is SEO Marketing?” then it may become necessary to elevate the level of writing to match the target audience. After you have completed the article, be sure to go back and proof read everything to ensure that it flows smoothly, that all the concepts are connected and that your readers will get value form the article.

Communicate With Your Audience

Get your readers involved. Teach them to be an active audience by asking for feedback or comments about the topic. This will be a great value to your content. Create a voting poll embedded into your post. There are voting poll services available for many blogging platforms.

Apply SEO Techniques

Don’t forget the keywords you want to rank. It is ideal to include these terms on your article’s title, heading sections and throughout the article.  However, be careful not to over do it. If you need help, engage the help of an SEO marketing services agency like L4 Group, LLC.

Linking To You Should Be Easy

Your content should always have a good summary at the end. You can also use easy-to-remember sentences, phrases, or quotes that your audience could use when writing about your topic. All these should help your readers’ link to you easily.

If you make it easy for them to source and link you, they will do so.

Never forget to maximize the services and benefits of social communities. Use them as platform for your quality content to reach audience worldwide. Remember, the higher the quality of the article, the better success you’ll have with your SEO marketing and overall website.

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