Best Online Marketing Tips For HVAC Companies

Updated November 18, 2016

HVAC online marketing tipsIn today’s information age, we see many changes taking place. Not only have we seen impressive technological advances but we have seen more people using their portable devices to communicate and access information.

In fact, mobile searches have outpaced desktop searches and this trend is continuing. Gone are the days where people go to the library and search for a book in order to find useful tidbits of information.

Today, Google is the first place that people get their information. Google and the Internet have made accessing necessary information extremely easy and fast. And, the power to do all of this research is at your customer’s fingertips!

Facebook and Twitter For HVAC Companies

Today, people use the Internet to find reputable businesses and we have started to rely on Facebook and Twitter for word of mouth referrals to reputable companies. This holds true, especially for HVAC companies. Many business owners need to take this into consideration.

Having Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms are no longer a “nice to have” today, it is a “must have”. Need to have a social platform built for your HVAC company? Click here to for a money savings coupon to have L4 Group build one for you.
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A heating and cooling company cannot adequately compete if it does not have a strong online presence. This means that your success absolutely depends on positioning your company in the best possible position online. In the following article by Forbes, they discuss the importance of online marketing for business owners:

The Single Most Important Reason You Need to Be Online
“Consumers have too many choices these days and they have to be constantly reminded that you exist. The best way to reach them is where they spend a good bit of time… which is online,” Servis, a VP of Marketing with SnapRetail, firmly states.

How many times have you picked up your smartphone to look something up, reference something online or search for a restaurant, local shop or place of business? We have grown accustomed to using the Internet to find absolutely everything and the use of our smartphone has given us the opportunity to do it conveniently and at our fingertips.

Knowing this, it should become very apparent that it is critical to make sure that your business is represented online in the best way possible to reach potential clients. As a service industry, HVAC companies are constantly looking for the best ways to “sell” your services. Online marketing is a must-have for businesses that want to succeed.

The next logical question would be “what kind of marketing strategies are effective for HVAC Companies?”. In the following article, titled, “8 Expert Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses” by CIO, they discuss some marketing strategies that are useful. Below is one of the tips that we have found to be most useful:

Leverage social media. “If your small business isn’t using social media, it’s time to start,” says Mike Volpe, CMO, HubSpot, which specializes in inbound marketing. “Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing or direct mail.”

Because social media can be (or seem) overwhelming, “choose one social media platform that your customers, prospects, and industry leaders engage with the most — be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ — and start building a presence there,” Volpe says. “Once you’ve set up an account, start connecting sharing your original content, joining discussions and engaging with the community. Keep your social efforts frequent, but above all, relevant and helpful to your audience.”

HVAC online marketing strategies

First and foremost, it is best to find the social media platform where your potential clients are using. There, you can develop your brand and post content that is considered engaging. You want people to respond and interact with your content. In do so, you develop a “personality” that your prospects and customers relate to.

One of the most crucial points to consider is being aware of who you are writing for. This means that you need to have a clear picture of who your “target audience” is. Some business owners make the mistake of having a “general” target audience. However, the best practice for reaching potential clients is by having a specified target audience.

At L4 Group, we create “Personas” for each our target audiences and we go as far as to place a picture and biography behind every persona. The following article by Forbes further expands on this concept.

Your marketing strategy will never be successful if you do not have a clearly defined audience. Before you spend a dime on marketing, figure out your target market first. There’s no need to pay top dollar to hire a fancy market research firm. If you know your product, you should be able to figure out your market yourself. For example, who will be most interested in your product? Men or women? What is their age group? What are your customer’s interests? What is their likely financial situation?

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For example, as an HVAC business owner, it would be logical for you to target homeowners who will, at some point or another, require the services that you offer. We develop this “Persona” further by placing a name, age, gender, income bracket, likes, family, common habits, and more.

We typically see business owners target a very general audience in their marketing approach and trying to cast a very large net. Conversely, we know that it is a good practice to precisely target your audience so that you are not wasting time, effort, and marketing dollars.

L4 Group specializes in online marketing solutions for HVAC businesses. We consult with HVAC business owners and help them implement SEO, Social Media, and Inbound Marketing strategies.  By incorporating the best online marketing strategies, your website will be more visible online and you will be able to reach more clients.  Call today for a free consultation and web analysis.

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