Proven Formula For Creating The Best Blog Titles

Having the best blog article content is useless if nobody clicks the title to read it. The best blog titles make the difference between getting massive traffic to your website or having an article go bust.

Think about your own experience in the off-line world. Here is a scenario. You are standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. Surrounding you are racks of magazines. You know the kind. People, Entertainment Today, Star, Globe, Life and Style, Cosmopolitan, etc. What makes you grab one magazine over another? Titles and headlines!

Having a blog article with killer headlines and titles means that you will have a website with some fantastic traffic statistics. In this article, we will discuss some of the fundamentals on how to create exceptional, highly converting blog titles.

top headlines for blog posts and online articles

7 Points To Killer Blog Titles

1. Know Your Audience: Our best practices include understanding your audience. This means having a clear vision of the persona. This is one of the most important elements of copywriting. Consequently, this applies to blog titles as well as your general copy.

  • Is your target audience a mass-market consumer?
  • Are they young, urban professionals?
  • Is your audience full of hardened professional buyers with a bottom-line mentality?
  • Are you writing to C-suite professionals or blue-collar workers?

2. Make Your Titles Actionable: Avoid a passive title. People like titles that create action. Additionally, they like content that is educational in nature. Some of the blog titles include the words “How To…”, “Ways To…”, “Tips On…”, etc. Also, incorporate a verb in your blog title. By doing this, your reader knows that the content is action oriented.

For example, here are some actionable blog titles:

  • How Do I Fix My Email? It’s Not Working!
  • Five Tips For Choosing A New Primary Care Physician
  • How to Bake Salmon, Plus 5 Other Methods

3. Include Your Keywords: Let’s face it, most businesses that do blogging are doing so because they want to generate traffic to their website. Keywords are an important part of that strategy. Anybody who knows the basics of SEO will understand that having the keyword in the title of a blog post is very important. Therefore, be sure to incorporate keywords in your blog titles.

4. To The Point:  Avoid long and rambling blog titles. Make them brief and concise. Today’s world is filled with people that have Attention Deficit Disorder. I do not mean this in the literal sense, I am being sarcastic. However, people do pay more attention to short blurbs of content.

If your blog post title is too long, it will not be shared on social media as often as a shorter more concise title. Here are some samples:

  • Sample BBQ Grill Recipes For 4th of July
  • 2017 Football Coaching Rumors
  • 7 Ways To Lose Weight After 50

5. Use Numbers:  There is something about the human brain that loves organization. People thrive on having to do lists, shopping lists, etc. Incorporating a number into your blog title is a great eye-catching technique. We love to avoid numbers that are divisible by five.

Therefore, stay away from David Letterman’s top 10 list. Instead, utilize odd numbers. Examples of this technique include:

  • Top 9 Ways To Save Money on A Tight Budget
  • Today’s 7 Tips For Buying Tuna
  • Our Best 3 Tips For 21st Century Black Friday Shopping

6. Appeal to Curious George:  Make your headlines intriguing so the reader naturally wants to learn more and click through to your blog content. Since boring content does not generate traffic, keep it intriguing and interesting. Keep this in mind as you are sourcing content ideas.

The more interesting the content idea, the more interesting your titles will become. For example;

  • These 3 Secrets Will Rouse Your Senses
  • Don’t Fall Victim To Bad Service, Learn These Tricks
  • Simple Etiquette Tips For The Discerning Golfers

7. Use Questions: When the human brain reads a question, it is naturally looking for an answer. Utilize this as a tactic to get people to click through to your blog post. For example,

  • Looking For Just The Right Deodorant? Best 3 Listed.
  • Want to Stay Abreast Of Gas Prices? Read More.
  • Have You Ever Stayed Awake At Night Thinking About Retirement?

Stop creating boring blog titles and begin implementing these seven steps. I am sure that you will start seeing an increasing your click through’s and website traffic. Need help with content creation? Contact us at (610) 471-0001. We will be more than happy to sit down with you and review your content creation strategies.