There are plenty of acceptable reasons why some business owners let opportunities, like creating a blog, pass. They don’t know the basics of blogging. They don’t have related background. They don’t always have time. They don’t agree it’s worthwhile. They’re not sure of the pricing or expense. And they don’t know that it is a great tool to increase sales and profit. Blogging, or otherwise known as content marketing at L4 Group, LLC, is one pillar of an overall marketing strategy for your local business.

Here are some reasons why blogging is a ‘must do’ for any local, national or global business with a website.

1. Attract more audience
Whether your company offers products or services, it needs traffic. This traffic can be in a form of a passerby in a crowded street shop or ‘eyeballs’ to an online shop. Established blogs don’t just generate these kinds of traffic, but are able to retain it in a form of growing loyal visitors and subscribers. This is the holy grail for best SEO services practices and it generates local, regional and national, organic SEO traffic.

2. Inform, communicate, and learn from your readers
An informed and educated consumer oftentimes become confident and loyal customers. Nowadays, people research the Internet for pricing and information first before buying services and/or products for themselves or for others. It is therefore recommended that you position your company as a go-to resource, positioning yourself as the expert for those services and/or products to ultimately earn more business. In addition, the insight of information that comes with content marketing is powerful. You can identify your customers’ needs, difficulties, pricing sensitivities and preferences. Their comments, any form of feedback, surveys, and polls become your instant and spontaneous tools for market research. It’s as if you have a free focus group working for you and tells you what product or service to create and why.

“An informed and educated consumer oftentimes become confident and loyal customers.”

3. Keep your audience
A company’s marketing department usually focuses its effort on advertising or attention-seeking tactics. If the idea doesn’t work, then the investment and effort exerted just go to waste. Conversely, blogging allows us to hold an person’s interest for longer duration, winning them, and bringing them back for more since their initial contact. It is natural and doesn’t require desperate or spammy sales pitches. The best SEO services incorporate this tool as part of the overall strategy to strengthen a local or national company’s customer base.

4. Energize your market
The even better type of audience, as identified and discussed above, is that who take actions. A blog is one tool that can motivate your market to do things. All that you need is a article material that warms up the consumer, like a motivating story and direct call to action.

5. Seek help, network contacts and employees
Why spend lots of money on recruitment and marketing when the best related tool is already at your fingertips? Your blog’s audience is most likely to respond and resonate to your services, products and messaging and will definitely be a great resource pool for future employees and networking contacts.

6. Respond to customers and their stories
Unexpected, unwanted stories can easily spread especially around the web and its various social media; your public relations and customer service departments play important roles. But aside from these two, your site can be your response outlet to present your side of story and it helps to nullify any related negative activity.

7. Link juices for direct traffic
Authoritative and valuable content attracts in-bound, organic SEO links derived from sources like websites, social networks, and forums. These off-page links bring in more attention and targeted, organic, local prospects that later on, with the proper cultivation, become customers of your business. And the pricing model on this point if fabulous – $0.00.

8. Links are relevant for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
When it pertains to SEO and best organic SEO services and practices, links are relevant in getting search visitors. The easier it is to link to your website, the higher probability that you’ll obtain these links from other websites which ultimately leads to better search results. Unlike traditional, brochure styled, minimal content websites that are difficult to link to and are not easily indexed by search engines. The possible causes for its difficulties can be due to its site structure, built in software, and complex URLs. Also, brochure styled sites tend to be focused on pure marketing and pricing of goods and/or services which does not lead to the type of material that is good for inbound linking. On the other hand, blog platforms naturally lend themselves to an easy platform to link to and share news. If your intention is to get local, organic SEO rankings for your business, your SEO services really should incorporate a content services strategy.

9. Advertise using your preferred technology
To keep up with the evolution in consumer technology, producer technology has to change too. Having or creating your own blog is easier than before and the pricing has lowered over time. Whatever you create can also easily be shared with different types of audiences in a variety of formats like text, photos, audio and video. Blogging has never been easier. Therefore, if you plan to start your own, today is the time. There are many SEO services agencies that can help you and the pricing for these services is very reasonable, especially once the return on investment is calculated. L4 Group offers these services to businesses with a very attractive pricing schedule.

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10. Build a competitive advantage
You are now in technological innovative time; consumers are in tune with the changes happening that involves technology. So take advantage and move your message in front of them.

11. More time to connect with your target market
Blogging is one great way to build meaningful relationships with your market. This place is ideal on expressing yourself and your brand, and helps you focus on unifying with clients.

12. To build trust and familiarity
People buy from companies that they know, like and trust. Trust is an important word in making sales. Once trust is established, your audience is more likely to opt-in to the company’s process of lead-generation. With the use of compelling information and resources, and repetitive communication, trust is built. As time passes, this creates a strong sense of loyalty which makes sales a lot easier. Building trust through providing helpful and useful content is one of the best ways to grow your local, organic customer base.

13. Branding
Value–based, long-term positive attention doesn’t just generate trust, it also helps create a better and stronger brand thereby leading to the best form of advertising: word-of-mouth. A strong local or national brand also means that your business will remain “front-in-mind” at the time that your customers are ready to make a purchasing decision.

14. Build a local community
With audience comments, discussions and interactions, you can help create a sense of a local, organic community that will possibly be strengthened online and offline.

15. Provide better service
Your blog offers various routes for customers and visitors to keep in touch. It helps you present your best and most approachable human side that allows better interaction and improves customer relation.

16. Initiate more sales
All the discussed benefits in this post add up to your company’s new and repeat sales coming from a much happier and better informed audience and customer base.

As you can see, there are many reason your company should have and maintain a blog. At L4 Group, LLC, we help businesses create a blog and maintain it by posting relevant content on a consistent basis. Our blogging philosophy and services is aimed at growing your organic customer base. To learn more on how to get started and to discuss SEO services and pricing, call us for a complimentary consultation.

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