9 Tips To Improve Your HVAC Website Design & Increase Conversions

  • Are you embarrassed by the look and feel of your company’s website?
  • Are you frustrated that people are not calling your company?
  • Are you struggling to generate HVAC leads from your website?

Hi, I’m Brett Lewis, from L4 Group. We specialize in producing effective, lead-generating websites specifically for HVAC companies.

L4 Group was founded in 2007 and specializes in digital solutions for HVAC contractors. This includes Google paid ads, KikFacebook Ads, Social media marketing, press releases, and more.

BUT – all of those services are meaningless unless you have a clean, well designed, converting website!

In this video, I want to talk to you about how to take your web site to the next level and start generating leads for your business.

9 Tips To Improve Your HVAC Website Design & Increase Conversions

There are 9 things you should be doing on your website to convert the highest amount of traffic into leads.

1. Mobile-Friendly HVAC Website Design

Your site NEEDS to be mobile friendly! Period, end of story! Without getting into technical details with Google’s mobile-first index and other such items, trust me when I say that your website should be designed for mobile devices first and foremost. This includes being able to load the site quickly and allowing your HVAC prospects to use your site easily on a phone. Consider how you, your friends, and your family use your smartphone.

I am willing to bet that you use your phone for finding products, services, and other resources more than ever before! But, don’t take my word for this! According to Statcounter, a website analytics tool, mobile usage in 2010 accounted for 2.3% of website traffic. Mobile usage in 2019 accounted for 40% of website traffic. I can tell you that our customer base follows this trend almost exactly! A random sampling of our HVAC customers shows an average of 43% mobile usage on their websites.
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2. Call To Actions Throughout Your HVAC Website

Your website NEEDS to have prominent, strong call to actions! For those who do not understand what I mean by call to action or CTA, it is exactly what it sounds like. A CTA is some sort of indication to the website visitor of what they need to do in order to act in the manner you want them to act. For example, if you want your prospect to call you, you need to tell them to call! It is amazing how many websites we review that are missing CTAs on pages. It is not enough to have a single phone number on a page, you need to sprinkle CTAs throughout the entire page and throughout the entire website.

While I am on the topic of call to actions, a common question I get is, “Is it better to have forms on my website or try to generate phone calls?” I can tell you from experience and statistics from our customer’s sites, phone call always trump form fills in the HVAC industry. There are some exceptions to this but that goes beyond the scope of this video. In a recent analysis on this topic regarding a paid advertising campaign for HVAC clients of ours, we calculated that form fills amounted in 19% of the conversions vs 79% of phone call conversions.
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3. Unique HVAC Content For Your Website

Page content is critical to your website’s success! If you haven’t heard it yet, content is king and that is so true. Content is a very complex topic so I won’t get into all of the details here however, some of the highlights are: your pages need to have strong headlines, easy to read sections, appealing imagery and we recommend a minimum of 1,500 words per page and ideally 3,000!

I get this question all the time, “Do I need to write all that content? I’m not a writer, I’m an HVAC contractor or HVAC business owner.” When you hire L4 Group to do your website, the content is included in our fees. There are some exceptions, such as your company history and about page. Which leads me to item #4.
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4. HVAC Website Home Page, About Page, Contact Page

Your site’s home page, contact page and about page are traditionally the most frequented pages on HVAC websites! Your customers visit your about page to learn more about your company and to make that personal connection with the contractor that will be doing work inside their home. The about page and your company history page are the 2 pages where we will ask you for your content since you are intimately familiar with these topics. Don’t worry, we can help guide you through this process if needed.
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5. HVAC Website Load Speed

It is imperative to have a site that loads quickly, under 3 seconds is a general rule of thumb but I prefer sites that load faster than that. At L4 Group, we will make sure your site has the quickest load speed as possible. The longer someone has to wait for your website to load, the more likely they are to leave and check out another HVAC website. You DO NOT want this to be the reason why you lose clients! The faster someone can enter your site, the faster they will contact you and ask about your services.
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6. HVAC Specific Product Information On Your Website

Do you ever buy a product without reading and doing some research about it? NO! Everyone wants to know what they’re buying. Since you are the experts on heating and cooling equipment, you should be able to provide great information about the products you’re selling and the services you offer. We accomplish this by incorporating product specific pages on your website.

I call these pages, “product modules” and they are designed to provide your website visitors the information they need about makes & models of HVAC equipment. This set of pages is also designed with top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel, and bottom-of-funnel content. In a nutshell, we write the content to capture all phases of the consumer buying cycle.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do a thing, we handle it all for you when you hire L4 Group to build your site. If you are building your own site, be sure to include these crucial sets of pages. The more someone knows about what they’re buying, the more likely they are to make a purchase.
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7. HVAC Specific Case Studies

Have detailed case studies about recent projects! Case studies are so effective because everyone loves a good story. In case studies, you get the chance to highlight your HVAC company as the knight in shining armor. Additionally, a case study is the perfect tool to get your prospect to “see themselves in your products and services” They can instantly identify with the story being told in your case study, closing the gap in the sales cycle and making the buying decisions easier for them.

We see that leads coming in from case studies already “know, like & trust” the HVAC contractor. When this happens, sales happen. If you are not utilizing case studies on your website, you are missing out in a huge manner.
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8. HVAC SEO & Keywords

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, and keywords are an overlooked component when building sites. I don’t want to get too technical about the SEO side of making websites. But, great SEO will make or break your site. SEO and keywords are CRUCIAL for getting your site ranked on the first page of Google.

As experts in the HVAC digital marketing space, we know which words people are using to search for your product. You can trust us to get your website on the first page of Google. By the way, case studies are an excellent way to get a huge number of relevant keywords ranking on page 1.
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9. HVAC Company Customer Reviews

Utilize what your customers are saying about your business! Good testimonials and reviews from your customers never fail to shed a positive light on your business. Customer reviews not only make you look good, but they are credible sources that people can trust. And, good customer reviews give firsthand accounts as to how hardworking your team is and how respectful your employees are! It never hurts to have positive reviews, the more, then better.

We have a proven review marketing system that we integrate into our client’s websites. We have taken clients with less than 5 reviews and have grown their review base to over 800 reviews in a short time. For clients that engage us in a full digital marketing program, we also market their reviews on social platforms and via video.

There are many other aspects to making a good website, call us for a free, no-pressure consultation to learn how we can help you build the best HVAC website for your company!

If you are more of a DIY’er and want to tackle building and improving your company website at night and over weekends, take the above tips and implement them on your HVAC site. If you do, I guarantee that you will see an increase in conversions from your website traffic.
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