online marketingOnline marketing is largely different from offline marketing. As such, web marketing requires a different set of skills, consumer approach style, and product/service promotion. Below are six fundamentals of a successful web marketing campaign.

1. A/B testing

A/B or split testing is the comparison of two versions of a web page for purposes of determining which performs better. A good example is directing 50% of site visitors to version A of a specific landing page and the remaining 50% to version B of the same webpage. This would allow you to collect, analyze, and compare data on the actions that web users take while on any of these landing pages. If you were marketing say a data security solution, data analysis during or after wrapping up A/B testing would reveal the landing page that generated the highest number of conversions, email sign-ups/opt-ins, or attrition rate.

2. Social Media

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have become so central to the lifestyles of web users it is almost impossible for a marketing campaign to succeed without a social media angle. Nevertheless, marketing messages published on these sites should be carefully curated to avoid offending the religious, political, racial, or ethnic sensibilities of site members.

3. Search Engine Optimization

The visibility or lack thereof of any product/service online largely depends on SEO efforts. This includes both on and off-page SEO tactics. The range of SEO tools available to marketers is wide and includes keyword research, improving site navigability, keyword placement in text content,acquisition and use of quality links, as well as publishing unique, informative, and quality content.

4. Visual Content

According to EMarketer, more than 200 million Americans will watch at least one web video in 2015. Furthermore, people between the ages of 18 and 35 will account for 90% of all web video consumption. This means a web marketing campaign must include visual content especially videos.

5. Competitor Analysis

Competitor brand analysis is necessary to identify weaknesses you could exploit to improve your business’s brand reach and awareness. Since this involves number crunching, you may have to hire a data scientist or use web platforms that offer this service.

6. Customer Service

sucessful online marketing tipsAn online marketing campaign should be anchored on customer service personnel with extensive knowledge of product/service offerings, can communicate with target audience effectively, and can direct those in need of technical help to the right personnel.


Reaching consumers in a crowded web landscape requires a well-choreographed marketing campaign that includes A/B testing, stellar customer service, social media angle, competitor analysis, visual content, and search engine optimization.

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