Search engine optimization is unquestionably one of the key pillars in any web-based venture. Without a well-crafted SEO strategy, a site would struggle to attract significant traffic. However, creating such a strategy typically requires a good grasp of important SEO techniques. With that in mind, here are four crucial SEO techniques to maintain:


Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization should be at the top of your search engine optimization list because majority of web users now use tablets and smartphones to go online. According to data from the Pew Research Center published in April 2015, 64% of Americans own smartphones compared to 58% during the first half of 2014. Overall, 80% of all adult web users own a smartphone, according to research carried out by Global Web Index (GWI). Millennials are the most tech savvy in the US with 85% owning smartphones. These figures show that any web-facing business must take mobile optimization seriously. This includes mobile-friendly sites and apps.

Social Media

local seo marketingBesides mobile optimization, social media presence is necessary. It is the best way of reaching more than two billion people who frequent sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. The rule of thumb is to create and maintain accounts on these sites to promote your business’s goods/services as well as brand. Nevertheless, identify and focus on target audience because these sites are a kaleidoscope of diverse demographics. Since social media interactions can turn into PR disasters, it is advisable to hire a SEO services expert to manage this task.


Post unique, informative, and original content on your site, blog, or social media accounts. Make sure this includes well-curated text, photo, and video content. For instance, after posting video content on your site, post the same content on your business’s YouTube channel. For micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, post links tied to relevant landing pages. This approach will help you reach a wider audience.

SEO servicesBlogging

If you do not a have dedicated business blog, set up one immediately. Figures published by Huffington Post show that B2B e-retailers who blog regularly receive 67% more sales leads than those who shun blogging. In addition, data published by Hubspot shows that web users rate blogs as the fifth most accurate source of information. This has spurred global blog readership to 329 million people per month, according to NewsCred. You too can reap these benefits by setting up a blog.


Success on the web largely depends on one’s SEO strategy. To prevail against the competition, include crucial SEO techniques such as mobile optimization, blogging, social media presence, and informative content in your search engine optimization plans.

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