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Internet and Search Engine Marketing

Small businesses face two major hurdles to success in 2013 and beyond. The first is that it’s tactically impossible to survive in today’s business world without a presence on the Internet. The second is even more difficult to bear, because the approach to online marketing for businesses is no longer a straightforward as it once was.

Internet Marketing Allentown PANot that long ago, a company could easily slap down a specific amount of money for their marketing budget and pay for pay per click advertising. They really didn’t have to worry about search engine optimization, although it was certainly a benefit then as much as it is right now.

The cost per click was really low at the time, so paid ads were not such a big deal. And as far as SEO was concerned, the company only needed a few strategic links in order to rank highly for the most desirable keyword phrases in the market.

Website traffic would roll long and companies smart enough to take to the Internet early were able to thrive. They had no problem converting traffic into paying customers, and traffic was so easy to come by.

Small Businesses Now Face Many Different Challenges

Here’s the real truth…

The game has changed completely. Paid marketing, while still very effective, is not as cheap as it once was. Plus social media plays a major role in all Internet marketing interactions whether we realize it or not. Facebook is doing huge business as far as paid advertising is concerned, and small businesses need to tap into this great resource in today’s online world.

But more importantly than a thing else, there are a number of key areas in which small businesses need to focus if they are going to survive and thrive in today’s Internet economy. Let’s dive into the details right now…

Content Driven SEO Rules the Roost

Content MarketingOne of the biggest changes over the years noticed by many small business owners is related to content. Google and other search engines want to see active websites. You can no longer put up a static webpage offering your products and services and expect to rank highly in the search engines. It just doesn’t work that way any longer, and many small business owners can attest to this.

In truth, the search engines continuously remind us how important it is to produce high quality, interesting content for our websites. That’s why it’s necessary to continue putting up fresh blog posts, slideshows, infographics, videos and other information that will help educate, enlighten and entertain your customers.

It sounds like a lot of work, right? Well it is, and most small business owners do not have the time to implement a marketing strategy such as this.

But please realize that not all hope is lost. There is an answer and it’s been sitting right under your nose the whole time.

What is the answer? Hire an Internet marketing service to take care of the finer details while you continue to please your customers and manage the business as it grows into the future.

At L4 Group, LLC, we are the ideal choice. We can handle all of your Internet marketing, content marketing, social media, display advertising, website design and reputation marketing needs.

We have mastered every one of these areas of the Internet, and we want to see you, our valued customer, benefit from the wisdom and experience that we have gained helping other businesses succeed online.

Would you like to grow your business at a comfortable pace? Then call 610-471-0001 and we’ll get started right away.

Better Usability and Design Standards Are a Must

Here’s the next major change that we’ve been seeing online…

Gone are the days of slapping up cheap, poorly designed websites. Design and usability are major necessities in today’s business world.

Remember, your website is going to be more than just a couple of pages. You have to add a consistent flow of blog posts, videos and other forms of content. Usability and design come into the picture now more than they ever have since the advent of the Internet.

Remember, your potential customers want the optimal experience. They want your website to be fast, and they need to be able to navigate your site quickly, easily and conveniently.

Without meeting the highest usability standards, you’ll lose your customers. They will bounce from your website and head directly to the competition.

And speaking of bounce rate

The search engines want your visitors to spend time on the site. The worse the bounce rate, the more difficult it will be to rank highly for the best terms in your industry.

Think about the design and usability of your site. If it is sorely lacking, then it’s time for a change. We would love to help make that change.

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